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XI Message Mapping
Overview PPT of XI message mapping. Very good overview of how XI mapping works
SAP NetWeaver Developer’s Guide Release: SAP NetWeaver 2004s
Enabling Application-to-Application Processes This documentation describes how to centrally design processes to integrate applications within a company as part of the enabling application-to-application processes IT scenario. The applications to be integrated can be SAP or non-SAP applications.
AdaptersAdapter for (for SAP R/3 V. 3.x) User Guide
This document describes installation, connector property configuration, business object development, and troubleshooting for the IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for
EDIFACT to XML – A DataDirect XML Converters Solution
Have you ever faced an EDI message exchange using SAP Exchange Infrastructure? If not, I’d say you’re lucky. Because although EDI can appear trivial under certain circumstances, believe me it is not. The typical scenario could be EDI to IDoc and vice versa, for instance. Whatever format you choose on “the other side”, EDI must be handled carefully, and that’s not easy. I’m not an EDI expert – far from being that, actually – but I’ve been forced to learn some EDI basics in my last projects. The first thing that I realized was that there are a lot of EDI dialects. For instance, Odette, an EDIFACT dialect for the automotive industry, is not universally supported. Moreover, each company using EDI usually can customize EDI messages based on their needs, just as an SAP-guy can create a CIM type to extend standard IDoc types functionality.
Web Services Testing SAP NetWeaver Application Server, Java EE 5
One of more exciting parts of Java EE 5 specification is a heavy support for annotations that enable developers to cleanly expose already developed Java code as web services through meta data without modifying code for classes or methods.
How to guides – XI for NW 2004
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